Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Studying" in HK

What you do when you should be studying? Write a blog about how you should be studying.

Despite popular belief, I’m juggling a full class load while gallivanting around HK. Midterms have started and they are slowing killing me. I‘ll be straight with you: school is harder here. But maybe not for the reason you think. Work in the classroom is not bad; the academics are doable. My marketing professor apologized in class today for not teaching the material effectively as illustrated by our poor performance on the midterm. Her definition of poor performance: no one received a 40/40. So, yes, doing well is definitely a possibility. However, studying abroad adds that new dimension: ABROAD. I’m in another country. I have absolutely no motivation to stay on campus and study when beaches, open air markets and cheap Chinese food are just a train ride away.

I have two more midterms this week. I should be studying, but there are just so many other things to do. Last Friday, a few of us had a “tourist day”.
In Lonely Planet, we trust.

I think we want to go that way...

Yes, definitely that way.

We went to several temples, the HK Correctional Services museum, and the best comedy show in HK. The day was a success and we even managed to catch the last train home. This is something I could not have done while sitting in Iowa City. I want to take advantage of this amazing opportunity, but sometimes it feels like school is getting in the way. I’m currently telling myself that I’m learning a life skill - to balance work and leisure - however I’m having trouble breaking away from the college dilemma of “good grades, social life, adequate sleep: you can only have 2.”

So studying is coming along slowly but surely. I’m studying , I just could be doing slightly better on the quizzes…

Update: I got all my midterm grades back. I didn’t fail!


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